How to Impress at Work Events: The Top 10 Best Catering Foods


When you’re tasked with organizing a work event, catering isn’t just about satisfying hunger—it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression. The choice of food plays a pivotal role in shaping the attendees’ experience, influencing not only their mood but also their perception of the event’s quality. With the right menu, you can cater to tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring everyone leaves the event feeling valued and well-fed.

In this article, we delve into the top 10 best foods for catering work events. These selections are more than just crowd-pleasers; they’re curated to dazzle your colleagues and clients with an array of delicious and diverse options. From time-honored classics to modern culinary trends, each dish offers a unique way to impress at work events.

If you’re looking for inspiration and detailed insights on how to elevate your next corporate gathering, you might want to check out this blog post where we explore these top-tier catering choices.

1. Sandwiches: Versatile and Suitable for Various Dietary Preferences

When it comes to catering work events, sandwiches are the perfect choice that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and dietary needs. Whether you’re planning an office celebration or a boat day gathering, offering a diverse culinary experience is essential.

Why are Sandwiches Ideal for Work Events?

Think about it – sandwiches are small, easy to eat (even while networking or discussing business), and offer a wide variety of flavors. This makes them a perfect choice for any work event, regardless of the crowd’s food preferences.

Variety is the Spice of Life

From hearty meat-filled subs to light and fresh veggie wraps, sandwiches come in all types and flavors. Here are a few examples:

  1. Vegetarian: Think grilled vegetables with pesto or artichoke hearts with sun-dried tomatoes.
  2. Vegan: How about a delicious combination of hummus and roasted bell peppers?
  3. Gluten-free: Quinoa bread sandwiches with avocado and sprouts are always a hit!

The Appeal of Personalized Fillings

What makes sandwiches special is the ability to choose fillings according to individual preferences – an aspect that’s highly valued in today’s diverse food choices. For meat lovers, options range from classic turkey and cheese to exotic Asian-flavored chicken teriyaki. Vegetarians can enjoy fresh caprese sandwiches while vegans can savor tempeh sandwich with vegan mayo.

Condiments Make All the Difference

Let’s not forget condiments – they’re the secret ingredients that add that extra flavor! Mustard, mayo, vinaigrette, hot sauce – there are many options and can be customized based on dietary needs and taste.

When you choose to cater sandwiches from Eat Fly Fuel, you’re not just serving food. You’re offering a culinary experience that’s as diverse as your team’s food preferences!

2. Mexican Cuisine: Diverse Dishes with Gluten-Free Options

When it comes to catering work events, Mexican cuisine is a crowd-pleasing choice that offers a vibrant and diverse range of dishes. The lively flavors, colorful presentations, and adaptability of this cuisine make it an exciting option to consider.

1. Tacos: A Versatile Delight

Consider the iconic taco. This staple Mexican dish is not only delicious but also incredibly versatile. You can opt for traditional fillings like grilled chicken, seasoned beef, or sautéed vegetables. Or you can offer more unique options such as shrimp, fish, or even vegan-friendly fillings like black beans and avocado. Don’t forget the array of toppings: fresh salsas, creamy guacamole, tangy cheese, crunchy lettuce – all allowing attendees to customize their tacos to their liking.

2. Burritos: Flexibility at Its Best

The beauty of Mexican cuisine doesn’t stop at tacos though. Burritos, another popular choice, offer similar flexibility with fillings and are easily adapted to cater to various dietary needs. For instance, you can substitute the traditional flour tortilla with a gluten-free one to accommodate those with dietary restrictions.

3. Guacamole: Creamy and Gluten-Free

Speaking of gluten-free options, many Mexican dishes are naturally free from gluten. Take guacamole for example – this creamy dip is made from ripe avocados and is perfect as a dip for gluten-free corn chips or as a topping on any main dish.

4. Mexican Salads: Fresh and Satisfying

And let’s not forget about the hearty Mexican salads that combine fresh greens with other ingredients like black beans, corn, tomatoes, and avocado – a healthy and satisfying option that caters to everyone’s palate.

By including Mexican cuisine in your work event catering menu, you provide an extensive range of flavorful dishes that not only cater to various tastes but also ensure inclusivity for those with specific dietary preferences.

3. Italian Cuisine: Pasta, Lasagna, and Vegetarian Delights

When catering work events, it’s important to consider options that are universally appealing and satisfying. Italian cuisine effortlessly checks both of these boxes. With a rich history and a variety of dishes to choose from, it’s no wonder this cuisine is always a hit at any gathering.

Why Italian Cuisine Works

Italian cuisine is a great choice for work event catering for several reasons:

  • Versatility of Pasta Dishes: Pasta dishes are incredibly versatile, providing options for meat lovers, vegetarians, and even those with gluten sensitivities (hello, gluten-free pasta!). One crowd-pleaser you can’t go wrong with is Pasta Carbonara. This creamy delight, typically made with egg, hard cheese, pancetta, and pepper, offers a hearty choice that is sure to impress your colleagues.
  • Adaptability of Lasagna: Moving onto lasagna – the layering of flavors in this dish makes for an immersive eating experience. What makes lasagna an exceptional choice for work event catering is its adaptability. You can stick with traditional recipes or opt for vegetarian lasagna. With layers of grilled vegetables, ricotta cheese, and marinara sauce, this version offers an equally delicious experience without the meat.
  • Indulgent Dessert Option: To round off your Italian catering menu with a touch of indulgence, consider including Tiramisu as a dessert option. The combination of sponge cake soaked in coffee and layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese (sprinkled with cocoa) will leave attendees on a sweet note.

Remember, Italian work event catering goes beyond just food; it’s about bringing people together over shared plates and creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Italy’s vibrant dining culture.

4. BBQ: Robust Flavors and All-Inclusive Feasting

When it comes to catering for work events, BBQ has its unique charm. The smoky and savory flavors of a well-grilled piece of meat, the tangy sweetness of a good sauce, and the comforting warmth of coleslaw or cornbread on the side make BBQ an irresistible choice.

Variety is the spice of life, and BBQ catering lives up to this adage. A good caterer presents a range of dishes that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes. Here are some BBQ favorites you can include:

  1. Ribs: These can be beef or pork, slathered in a rich, flavorful sauce. They’re often slow-cooked until they’re fall-off-the-bone tender.
  2. Pulled Pork: This dish is made from slow-cooked pork shoulder which is then shredded and usually served with BBQ sauce.
  3. Grilled Vegetables: Grilled vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant provide a healthy yet flavorful option for vegetarians or those seeking lighter fare.

Dietary-inclusive BBQ is another aspect to consider when selecting your menu for work events. With the rise in dietary restrictions and preferences, it’s essential to accommodate everyone’s needs at your event. For instance, grilled vegetables and cornbread can be great options for vegetarians, while those on a gluten-free diet can relish the grill-smoked meats sans any worry.

So next time you plan for a work event, remember that BBQ catering not only offers robust flavors but also creates an all-inclusive feasting experience that’s bound to leave your guests impressed.

Sushi: Elegant Presentation and Culinary Mastery

When it comes to sophistication and visual appeal, few foods can match the elegance of sushi. Sushi catering is an excellent way to impress your colleagues and clients at your work events. The artistry behind sushi-making can elevate the dining experience, creating a memorable impression on your guests.

Sushi is not just about raw fish; it’s a culinary art form that requires mastery and skill. Each piece is carefully crafted, balancing texture, flavor, and presentation. This meticulous attention to detail makes sushi a unique and sophisticated option for work event catering.

Here are some popular options you might want to consider for your work event:

  1. Sushi Rolls: These are the most common type of sushi, with numerous variations available. From classic California rolls to extravagant dragon rolls, there’s a sushi roll for every palate.
  2. Sashimi: For the purists, sashimi offers a taste of high-quality seafood in its simplest form. Thin slices of fresh fish or shellfish served without rice, sashimi is a testament to the chef’s knife skills and the quality of ingredients used.
  3. Sushi-Inspired Appetizers: To add variety and cater to different tastes, include items such as shrimp tempura, gyoza (Japanese dumplings), or yakitori (grilled skewered chicken). These crowd-pleasers will ensure even those less inclined towards traditional sushi can enjoy the meal.

Remember to cater to different dietary needs by offering vegetarian or cooked alternatives. This ensures everyone at your event can partake in the sushi experience.

Incorporating sophisticated sushi rolls into your workspace events serves as an unmistakable statement of class and appreciation for fine dining. The next time you’re considering catering options for your work event, think about going the sushi route with FlyFuel Express for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

6. Breakfast Catering: Energizing Start to the Day

Breakfast catering has become a staple for morning event food, setting an energized and welcoming tone for the day. With the right menu, you can turn a mundane morning meeting into an invigorating experience that participants look forward to.

Menu Ideas for Breakfast Catering

Here are some popular breakfast items that are sure to please your attendees:


A classic favorite, fluffy pancakes are not just delicious but also offer endless possibilities for customization. Toppings can range from fresh berries and whipped cream to savory options like bacon and eggs. For a unique twist on breakfast catering, consider offering a pancake station where attendees can choose their own toppings.

Yogurt Parfaits

For a healthier yet equally delightful option, customizable yogurt parfaits are perfect. They provide a refreshing start with layers of creamy yogurt, crunchy granola, and a variety of fruits and nuts. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also cater to health-conscious guests looking for nourishing options.

Savory Egg Muffins

Portable and packed with protein, savory egg muffins are a hit at any breakfast spread. These can be filled with a variety of ingredients including cheese, vegetables, and meats to accommodate different tastes. They’re especially convenient for guests who need to grab something on the go.

Incorporating these popular items into your menu ensures that every attendee finds something to kick-start their day on a high note. If you’re planning an event and searching for fresh ideas, Flyfuel Food Co.’s new ALL DAY Breakfast Menu, launched on 11/15/21, might inspire your morning event food choices with innovative dishes that attendees will love.

Remember, breakfast catering isn’t just about satisfying hunger—it’s about creating an atmosphere that fosters engagement and productivity from the very start of your event.

7. Vegan-Friendly Catering: Nurturing a Sustainable Food Culture

As you plan for your next work event, consider incorporating vegan-friendly catering into your menu. This not only caters to the dietary needs of vegan attendees but also showcases your commitment to a sustainable and inclusive food culture.

Recent years have seen a surge in the demand for plant-based options at work functions. This can be attributed to an increasing awareness about the health benefits of a vegan diet and the ethical considerations surrounding animal products. By offering plant-based choices, you convey your respect for diverse dietary preferences and lifestyle choices.

Your vegan menu need not be limited to salads and vegetable platters. With countless creative vegan dishes available today, you can impress your colleagues with a variety of flavorsome and innovative options.

Consider these exciting vegan dishes for your next event:

  1. Jackfruit Sliders: A delightful alternative to traditional meat sliders, jackfruit offers a similar texture to pulled pork and absorbs flavors beautifully.
  2. Quinoa Salads: High in protein and fiber, quinoa salads are both nutritious and delicious. You can experiment with numerous combinations of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dressings.
  3. Dairy-Free Desserts: Think along the lines of dark chocolate avocado mousse, coconut milk ice cream or apple cinnamon crumble made with almond flour.

Plant-based cuisine is as varied and delectable as its meat-based counterparts. With vegan-friendly catering, you not only cater to all tastes but also contribute towards nurturing a sustainable food culture at your workplace.

8. Local Food Truck Delights: A Unique and Flavorful Experience

Local food truck catering adds an exciting twist to work events, inviting attendees to indulge in a diverse food scene that’s as dynamic as it is delicious. Imagine the intrigue as colleagues and clients are greeted by an array of trucks, each serving up their own specialty dishes crafted with on-the-go culinary expertise.

What Makes Local Food Trucks Special?

Here are some reasons why local food trucks are a hit at events:

  1. Street Tacos and Burritos: Bite into the zest of Mexican street cuisine with freshly prepared tacos and burritos, offering both meat-lovers and vegetarians a taste of authentic flavors.
  2. Asian Fusion: From Korean BBQ tacos to Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, these vendors blend traditional Asian flavors with modern twists.
  3. Gourmet Burgers: Local food trucks elevate the classic burger with artisanal cheeses, house-made sauces, and gourmet toppings.
  4. Farm-to-Truck: Emphasizing local produce, these trucks present seasonal menus that highlight the best of regional agriculture.

Why Choose Local Food Truck Catering?

By opting for local food truck catering, you not only serve up a memorable eating experience but also support local businesses. The fusion of flavors from different vendors ensures there’s something for everyone, whether they’re craving spicy, savory, or sweet.

Benefits of Local Food Truck Catering

Here are some benefits of choosing local food truck catering for your work event:

  1. Variety: With multiple food trucks offering different cuisines, you can cater to diverse dietary preferences and restrictions.
  2. Interactive Dining: Food trucks provide an interactive dining experience where attendees can watch their meals being prepared fresh on the spot.
  3. Casual Atmosphere: The laid-back setting of food trucks creates a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, encouraging mingling and conversation among attendees.
  4. Supporting Local: By hiring local food trucks, you contribute to the growth of small businesses in your community.

Why Your Attendees Will Love It

Attendees will appreciate the effort put into creating an engaging environment where they can savor a medley of cuisines between networking and discussions. The relaxed atmosphere fostered by food trucks often leads to more informal and productive conversations among colleagues.


So consider stepping outside the traditional catering box for your next work event. With local food trucks, you’re guaranteed to deliver an eclectic mix of tastes that will be talked about long after the last dish is served.

9. Healthy Refreshment: Hydration Stations and Fresh Juice Bars

An often overlooked yet critical aspect of catering work events is the beverage spread – specifically, options that promote hydration and health. A healthy beverage catering service can offer a range of refreshing drinks that not only quench thirst but also contribute to the overall well-being of attendees.

Hydration with a Twist: Infused Water Dispensers

Infused water dispensers are an excellent addition to any event. They offer a subtle touch of flavor to ordinary water, making hydration an enjoyable experience. Options can range from classic combinations like cucumber and mint or lemon and ginger, to more exotic infusions like pineapple and jalapeno.

Bursting with Goodness: Cold-Pressed Juice Bars

For those seeking a more robust flavor profile, cold-pressed juice bars can be an exciting addition to the event. These juices are not only delicious but are packed with nutrients, giving your colleagues a healthy boost. You could consider offering a selection of fruit and vegetable mixes such as apple and beetroot or carrot and orange.

Sip Your Way to Wellness: Herbal Tea Selection

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a good herbal tea selection. Herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint or green tea can provide calming or rejuvenating effects – perfect for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

By incorporating these elements into your work function, you ensure that attendees remain hydrated, refreshed, and ready to engage with the event’s activities.

10. Sweet Endings: Dessert Buffets and Artisanal Treats

A delectable dessert spread is the crowning jewel of any catering event, leaving guests with a sweet memory of the occasion. Dessert catering offers an array of indulgent pastries and artisanal treats that not only satisfy the sweet tooth but also add an elegant flair to your work event. When planning dessert options, consider these irresistible selections:

  • Mini Pastries: Bite-sized versions of classic favorites such as eclairs, tarts, and cream puffs allow guests to sample a variety without overindulgence.
  • Gourmet Cookies: Elevate the humble cookie with gourmet ingredients like sea salt caramel, dark chocolate chunks, and macadamia nuts for a rich taste experience.
  • Interactive Dessert Stations: Create a dynamic atmosphere with stations where desserts are personalized. Imagine a crepe station where fresh crepes are filled with an assortment of toppings or a chocolate fountain surrounded by fresh fruits and marshmallows for dipping.

By offering a mix of traditional sweets and creative new flavors, you ensure there’s something tempting for every palate. Remember to accommodate dietary restrictions by including options such as gluten-free brownies or vegan fruit compotes. With dessert buffets and artisanal treats, you’re guaranteed to deliver a finale that resonates with sophistication and taste.


Work events are an opportunity to build relationships, foster team spirit, and impress your colleagues and clients. The food you serve plays a significant role in shaping the experience. Why not experiment with the top 10 best catering foods at your next event?

From versatile sandwiches that cater to various dietary preferences, to vibrant Mexican cuisine with gluten-free options, Italian classics, robust BBQ flavors, elegant sushi presentations, energizing breakfast items, sustainable vegan-friendly dishes, unique local food truck delights, refreshing juice bars and indulgent dessert buffets – there’s something to please every palate.

Remember that variety is key. Aim for a mix of classic favorites and unique dishes to keep your guests engaged. Ensure that you cater to different dietary needs and preferences – it’s an easy way to show your attendees that their comfort is your priority.

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The right food can turn a good work event into a great one. So go ahead and make an impression at your next gathering with these top catering foods! And if you want some healthy options in the mix as well, you can explore some amazing choices available at Aventura too!

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